Valor Reposado

Valor Reposado tequila boasts a unique flavor achieved through four months of aging in American White Oak Bourbon barrels, offering a spicy, sweet, and fresh herbal sensation with a dry finish. Nothing quite compares to its crisp scent of fresh green apples intermingling with the warmth of cinnamon, a gentle hint of mint, and delicate mineral notes. The depth of Valor Reposado’s honeyed color and flavor reveals a complex flavor profile only achieved through the careful mastery of agave heritage.


Agave TypeTequilana Weber

Agave RegionJalisco (Tequila Valley)

RegionJalisco, México (Los Valles)

ABV / Proof42% abv (84-proof)

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Additive Free

Tequila is one of the cleanest spirits in the world, but not all tequilas are made equally. Valor is made with just two natural ingredients: mature agave and water.