Valor Blanco

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Blanco is the signature product offering.

Valor Tequila: The Spirit of Intention

Valor is not (just) an exemplary additive-free tequila. Valor is a woman-owned company that prioritizes the artisans of tequila at each step of production, from the hummingbirds and Jornaleros who tend agave for up to 7 years to the highly skilled Jimadores who harvest it. Dedication to this purpose is an intrinsic aspect of how we do business.

Community-Led Impact

Only produced in several Mexican states, tequila has exploded in popularity worldwide. Products tied to a specific region tend to bring economic growth and opportunities to local people. This has not been the case for tequila. Jornaleros and Jimadores are paid too poorly to use the resource-intensive (and destructive) practices that the global market demands. Ultimately, local people are systematically shut out of tequila production altogether.

Valor is dedicated to breaking this pattern. In collaboration with a small, family-owned distillery, NOM 1599, Valor works closely with local communities, farmers, and distillery employees to build prosperity for the people who have crafted tequila for generations. This starts with listening carefully to where the biggest needs are and investing with intention.


Aroma of “Bagazo” and freshness, combined with a touch of herbs, wet earth, and citrus. Bright and silky with a dense body. Predominant note of mint that unfolds into a sweet-salty and mineral evolution. The persistence of flavor is remarkable, leaving a lasting impression on the palate, inviting further exploration of its complexity.

Additive Free

Tequila is one of the cleanest spirits in the world, but not all tequilas are made equally. Valor is made with two natural ingredients: mature agave and water.

Alcohol by volume42%

RegionValle de Tequila
San Pedro De Los Landeros
Tequila, Jalisco, México